Kid's Camp Themes


-18" Doll Clothes & Accessories

-Comfy Quilt

-Back to School Accessories

-Girl Power Quilt

-Fashion Clothes

-Decorate My Room


-My Electronics

-Sleepover Party

Summer Camp Schedule

Week 1 - June 12-14 (Kid's full)

Week 2 - June 25-27

Week 3 - July 2,3,&5

Week 4 - July 10-12 (Kid's almost full)

Week 5 - July 17-19

Week 6 - July 24-26

Week 7 - August 7-9

Summer Sewing Camps

This summer I will be hosting 3 day sewing camps (Tuesday through Thursday).  Each day will include 2 hours of class time and cost $150 for kids classes and $105 plus kit fees for adults.  Ages 7-11 will have the class time from 10am to noon.  Girls from age 12 and adults will have class time from 1-3 pm.  Camp themes will vary through the summer.  Each week the class enrollees will select a theme.  Classes are limited to two themes.

Please email ( or call (713-594-5918) me with the name and age of the student and dates you would like to attend camp.  All classes are limited to 6 students.  Please email me if you have questions or would like the project list for each theme.  Adult classes will work on projects of their choosing.  

If your child has never been introduced to a sewing machine, I will host a quick intro on the Monday before your camp.  Times to be coordinated with students.  All Kid Themes are for beginners.  

Paypal invoices will be sent out at the beginning of the summer.